Release what is blocking you from finding love 
& magnetize the love you desire 

Online Course + 1:1 Coaching + Personalized Support 

Imagine feeling fully alive..
Experiencing true intimacy with an open heart and senses.. 

Wherever you are in your life right now - there are ways of making this vision come true. 

Whether it’s about feeling safe to truly open your heart, releasing past experiences that hold you back in love or connecting to your inner magnetism that will attract the kind of partner you truly want to be with.. 

There are tools and techniques that offer a path to find the kind of love you want and create a strong inner basis so you can feel safe and secure doing so, so you can trust and relax into LOVE. 

It is already within you.

Deep inside there is the wild, alive love that has never really left you. We have just disconnected. It is all inside us. And when you learn to reconnect, this is when you will be able to truly open for love. 

The thing in life that matters most

All you need to do to set yourself free are the right tools combined with trustworthy guidance, encouragement and support. 

It is my honor and pleasure to guide you along the way and would be happy to connect to see if there is a click. 

Find Love
Release what is holding you back

Empower yourself
Magnetize your 
dream partner
What makes us unique?
Sexual Empowerment
When we work with our sexuality we connect to our life force energy. When become empowered in our feminine essence and release any judgement, shame and trauma around this. When we gently heal this everything in your love life will transform. Our connection to this energy is a microcosm of how we are in life, this is why it is so rewarding to work with. 
Deep Dive
Most dating advice is outward focused and very superficial, that's why it often doesn't really work. It doesn’t go to the root of where actual transformation happens
Most of the dating experts only focus on the mind and don’t work with all aspects of our being. We work with the body, the heart and the mind. I work with all 3 levels of the mind, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. This is the key to true, lasting change and to not fall back into old habits.
Personal Support
I am here with my clients fully during the whole program, there is continued support, accountability and there is ongoing support after the program ends. Someone who actually cares. And has been through the same thing. Authenticity.
Who is Sophie?

Sophie has a background in Psychology (Masters degree) and also studied at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin. She's a breathwork instructor and yoga teacher and lived in the jungle in Asia studying yoga and tantra. She is also a certified jade egg teacher.  

Sophie knows what it is like to completely turn around a pattern of attracting the wrong men, being closed of for love and overcoming a deep disconnection from her body and sexual trauma.  

She stands by the power of the work because she practices it herself. Her heart is now devoted to sharing this work with others. Because intimacy and love is the most important thing in LIFE. 

Ready for a change in your love life? Watch this:
1:1 Coaching
Personalized weekly coaching sessions 
Online Course
Week by week in depth videos, audio's, pdf's 
Customized Practice 
Guided audio exercises, jade egg practice, writing exercises
What you will learn:
Embodying Love
  •  Healing the heart
  •  Connecting to a real embodied sense of self worth 
  •  Finding a new feeling of self love
  •  Learn how to open to real intimacy and feel safe
Finding Inner Support 
  • Creating a foundation of inner safety and support
  •  Healing the inner mother and father
  •  Connecting to your own inner masculine and feminine
  •  Healing the wounds of the inner child 
Release & Let go
  •  Releasing trauma and blockages from the body 
  •  Disconnect from attachments with previous lovers 
  •  Restoring aliveness and connection to the body 
  •  Transforming old conditioning and limiting patterns 
Empowering Yourself
  •  Unlock your sovereignty and inner power
  •  Restoring your ability to set boundaries
  •  Owning your true yes and no 
  •  Empower yourself to speak your truth 
  •  Healing the inner victim and perpetrator cycle
  •   Understanding and releasing self sabotage 
Intimacy & Pleasure
  • Learn to truly love your body and overcome insecurities 
  •  Healing shame and judgement around your sexuality 
  •  Release sexual trauma and limiting sexual conditioning 
  •  Learn to surrender into deeper intimacy and ecstatic pleasure
Becoming Magnetic
  •  Learn how to tap into magnetism and radiance 
  •  How to become magnetic to your dream partner
  •  Learn sex magic to call in love in your life 
  •  How to use your pleasure to unleash your higher self 
  •  Master the art of flirting while not feeling shy and awkward
At Sophie Lua we believe: 
What is going on in your love life externally is a reflection of what is going on for you on the inside and the relationship that you have with yourself.
Connecting to your sexuality goes way beyond what is happening in the bedroom. Your pleasure is a key to self empowerment, connection to self and self realization. Your sexuality is sacred. 
Self love underlies everything. All parts of you are worthy of love, not just the pretty parts. It is the key ingredient for a healthy relationship and finding the partner you want. 
Empowerment comes from speaking your truth. We believe in the power of vulnerability and authenticity and will help you to do this, even if it sounds terrifying. 
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